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2018.08.29-09.23 Group exhibition “Galleria G:n 50-vuotisjuhlanäyttely” Helsinki (FI)    (LINK

'Perfect Posture' Performance installation 8 min loop; video monitor, pins, white shirt; First performance: 2016.11.04 ‘Titanikas’ gallery Vilnius, Lithuania

Performance: I put a text 'Perfect Posture' on the collar of a big, white shirt. I change my clothes to that shirt and stand there, trying to watch everyone, rotating my head from side to side. After a while I take them off and leave folded on the ground. /// There is the pressure to perform at your best and always keep perfect position. It is like trying to fit yourself into awkward and too big shirt and still trying to maintain your own posture and essence.



'Litho patterns'  100x77cm stone lithography [continuing series]; in process

These litho series are made to record all the lithography steps and processes before making the image without making actual image: graining the stone, measuring the level, rolling the stone. With this work I am aiming to break the lithography process into patterns, to show the monotonous of the technique.

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