Artist statement

Roma Auskalnyte is Helsinki (Finland) based interdisciplinary artist. She is exploring body and its “fleshness” as material in art and in printmaking. How to actualise the importance of gesture, labour time and repetition which are always hidden behind the final print. Those processes influenced her and they led to new transformations of her ideas and artworks. Roma analyses body and it surface, how to work with and to work on it. Many works are inspired form the surrounding life: the talks, the sounds and what she observes around herself. Roma is not a studio artist, and she finds it important to be unbound to the specific spaces "inspiration, for me, lives outside room walls". She tends to experiment with different medias from printmaking to performance or even photography looking for the right way to express her thoughts and find a suitable language for the piece.     

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Mentioned in Publications

"Printed matters : merkitysten kerroksia" (LINK)

"Wonder women. Ni muses, ni modèles : artistes!"  (LINK)


2020 Part of group grant from Arts Promotion Center Finland grant, Finland ​

2019 Finnish Cultural Foundations’ mobility grant (4 months), Finland

2019.01-12 Taiteen Edistamiskeskus / Arts Promition Center Finland grant, Finland

2018 Lithuanian Council for Culture / Educational Stipendium, Lithuania

2016 Suomen Taideyhdistyksen nuorten taiteilijoiden apuraha / Finnish Art Society scholarship for young artists, Finland

2016 Art Foundation Merita/ Promising Young Artist Scholarship, Finland

2015 Lithuanian Council for Culture / State Stipendium, Lithuania

2015 Anita Snellman Foundation, Finland



Awards and nominations


2018 Nominee for The Queen Sonja Print Award, Norway


2017.07.10-08.04 Tamarind summer workshop (USA)

2016.03.12-03.20 ‘Utö’ island artist residency Finland (FI)

2014.09.29 -2014.10.07 ‘Kuvataideakatemia Residency’ Berlin Germany (GE)


Professional network: ROMA 

You can follow me and witness my daily existence in:  HERE

I am interested in collaborations and art projects. For further information contact me:


Roma Auskalnyte was born in 1988 in Lithuania. In 2004 she graduated from the Silute Art School, Lithuania. Roma received her BA in printmaking in 2012 from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. During her studies, in 2011, she was an exchange art student at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (UK) in the Fine Art department. After graduation, Roma worked at BIAD as a visiting lecturer: drawing tutor. From 2013 Roma was studying at the Finnish Academy of Arts (KUVA) Helsinki (FI) and received Master degree in printmaking in 2016. Supervisor for her works were performance artist John Court (Tornio FI/UK). In 2019 she received an PTP (Printer Training Program) certificate from Tamarind Institute (USA, Albuquerque). Roma actively participates in local and international exhibitions, her works has been exhibited and belongs to the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (Finland), Grand Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille museum (France) and many personal collections. Currently Roma is residing and creating in Helsinki, Finland. Also she is a part of  Helsinki Litho studio and works as stone lithography and offset printer.



2018.08 - 2019.05 Tamarinds’ Printer Training Program printer (non degree), Albuquerque [USA]

2013.09 - 2016.05 Master of Fine Arts at Kuvataideakatemia (University of Arts Helsinki) [FI] 

2011.02.01 - 06.15 Fine Art in Birmingham City University BIAD (exchange program) [UK]

2008.10 - 2012.06 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Printmaking) at Vilnius Academy of Arts [LT]

Group exhibitions

2021.09.29-10.30 [Upcoming] Group exhibition "Hauras aika, väkevä aika" Erkkola museum, Tuusula (FI)

2021.06.30 - 07.25  Group exhibition "Helsinki Litho 20 years of Lithography" Galleria G, Helsinki (FI)

2021.05.28-06.20  Group exhibition "Sanctuary" with Inma Herrera, Suvi Sysi at ForumBox, Helsinki (FI)

2019.09.20 - 2020.01.09  Part of museum exhibition “Le rêve d’être artiste” in Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille (FR)

2019.05.02-08 Group exhibition “No Modifiers” Tamarind Gallery, Albuquerque NM (USA)

2018.08.29-09.23 Group exhibition “Galleria G:n 50-vuotisjuhlanäyttely” Helsinki (FI)

2018.05.04 Part of the group of artists creating portrait of the President Sauli Niinistö, Republic of Finland (FI)

2018.02.09 -2019.03.24 Exhibition There and back again: Contemporary art from the Baltic region  KIASMA Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki (FI)

2017.09.14-17 NeuNow Europe's Emerging Artists "Machinegebouw" Amsterdam (NL)

2017.04.20-27 KoMASK Master Printmaking 2017 vernissage, Antwerpen (BL)

2017.01.27-02.12 'After Act On' Group exhibition at HUUTO Jätkäsaari gallery Helsinki (FI)

2016.11.04-11.26 'Breathe in Breathe out' exhibition with Sandra and Yuki in "Titanikas" Vilnius (LT)

2016.04.22 - 2017.01.29 KIASMA's Collection Exhibition [Link] (FI)

2016.03.07-31 Exhibition 'Frustration' at "Taidebunkkeri" Imatra (FI)

2016.02.12-21 Group exhibition 'Kuvataideakatemian näyttely'  "Exhibition Laboratory" Helsinki (FI)

2015.09.18-10.04  Roma Auskalnyte + Jarmo Somppi + Kristina Janni Ståhl, Helsinki "Project Room" (FI)

2015.06.05-31.05 Group exhibition 'Kuvan Kevät 2015', Helsinki gallery "Project Room" (FI)

2015.02.2-03.13 Group exhibition '//- lines' Kaunas, gallery "Meno forma" (LT)

2014.11.20-12.04 Group exhibition ‘9 artists lives’ Vilnius, gallery “Kalnas” (LT)

2014.11.05 Group exhibition ‘Forth Art Quadrennial 2014 Lithuania – Art on a flagpole’ Vilnius (LT) 

2014.04.08-29 Group book exhibition ‘Julkaise! – Publish!’ at "Kuva/Tila" gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2014.03.21 Pop-up exhibition 'From surface to structure' at KUVA/Taidegrafiika, Helsinki (FI)

2013.07.09-20 Group exhibition 'Sezonas '3' at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (LT)

2013.05.03-05 Group exhibition 'Artist reveal yourself!' Birmingham (UK)

2012.06.08-15 Final Works exhibition placed at 'Future Loft' in Vilnius Lithuania (LT)

2012.05.2-21 Group exhibition 'Passport' placed at Kaunas "Meno parkas" gallery (LT)

2012.01.10 Group exhibition 'Passport' placed at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (LT)

2011.08.28 Group exhibition 'Holidays' placed at Šilutes Hugo Šojus old-manor house (LT)

2011.04.15 Group exhibition 'International culture day' Vilnius (LT)

Solo exhibitions


2020.08.20- 09.13 “Abstract landscape” one work exhibition at Galleria Huuto, Helsinki (FI)

2016.02.23 Video works screening at "Kabinetas" Kaunas (LT)

2013.01.17 Personal work presentation at 'Thursdays Review' at "Vartu" gallery, Vilnius (LT)

Talks and lectures

2021.04.15-27 Art lectures at SAMK Kankaanpään taidekoulu (FI)

2021.03.23-04.09 Stone lithography course at LAD-ammattikorkeakoulu, Lappeenranta (FI)

2021.02.18-04.09 Offset lithography course "Picture it with words" at KUVA, Helsinki (FI)

2020.03.30- 04.05 [Postponed] Lithography printing workshop in Vilnius Academy of Art (LT)

2017.03.20-23 Lectures and intensive workshops "Text Body Book VDA, Klaipeda (LT) 

2016.03.07 Presentation lecture at Imatra Art School (FI)

2012.10.01-12.15 Visiting Lecturer in Birmingham City University, School of Art: drawing tutor (UK)

Professional experience


2019.05 Lithography and Offset Printer Tmi 'Brutal Editions' at Helsinki Litho workshop, Helsinki (FI)

2019.09 - 2020.06 Technician at printmaking department at UNIARTS Helsinki (FI)

2018/19/20/21 Post stamp designer for Lithuanian Post (LT)

2017.10.25 Designed collection of post stamps '25 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania' (LT)

2016.08-11 Technician at Printmaking department at Kuvataideakatemia (FI)

2015.07 Designed collection of post stamps and an envelope for 'Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions Year' (LT)

2014.06-08 Intern printmaker at 'Hot Bed Press' printmakers studio, Manchester (UK)

2012.01-04 Assisting for '6th International Artist's Book Triennial' Vilnius 2012 (LT)

2011 Book covers design for the publishing house “Metodika” (LT)

2010 Vilnius University 'Carrier book 2010' book design (LT)

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