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//There were a punishment in the schools: if a pupil is misbehaving, not listening and not doing what s/he is told to do, s/he was sent into a corner to kneel on a dry peas. //Can truth really be found in a book? I am suspicious of written texts and written knowledge. However, it seems that I need to live by that knowledge anyway… // I have decided to use my own body as a plate, as a press machine, even as a colour. Regardless of whether I use paper or my own body, I can make imprints, relief prints and print letters or do mark making. Why not take the printmaking method and put it into a new environment? This work is the first experiment where I try to combine what on a first glance seem to be very different medias: printmaking, video and performance art.


"To touch and be touched: Affective, immersive and critical contemporary art?" by Saara Hacklin (LINK)


// In Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA (Helsinki, Finland) collection //


Video Work/Performance 'Punishment' 2014 [10 min] Helsinki by ROMA






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