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Video installation, size varies

1:30 min loop



Contemporary person as false preacher of our times.  “Neither at things, nor at people should one look. Only in mirrors is well to look, for mirrors do but show us masks” Salomé, Oscar Wilde

"First circular mirror reflects the artist’s face, another mirror explores the surrounding space. The latter ends in a red box, that moves the gaze to the screen where direction is inward to the face. The sharp edge of the round mirror cuts the reflection: does the artists sees her self in there or self-twin? The mirror image connects and separates. Didi-Huberman has stated that the depth of the water is exactly what we are, while mirroring our imagery, it simultaneously confuses and dangerously fascinates us. In the skin there is a similar surface and depth, visible and invisible, the dialectic of life and death. (Ari Tanhuanpää, 2017, Huoli kuvasta. Merkitys, mieli ja materiaalisuus. Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä, 194). " PINTAA VASTAAN  Päivikki Kallio

Video link  (LINK)

2021.05.28-06.20  Group exhibition "Sanctuary" with Inma Herrera, Suvi Sysi at ForumBox, Helsinki (FI) (LINK)

2023.09.04-30 Solo exhibition 'Dedications' Artists association gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania (LT)

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre, Finland (Taike).

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