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Relief print

100 x 80 cm

This work analyses the status of art (more concrete a singular, physical ‘piece’ of art). The method of display and exhibiting is of key importance – the sheets are taped to the floor and there is no physical limitation of space around them. Although the text clearly states ‘This is a piece of art’, exhibition method and minimal aesthetic appearance leaves the spectator the space to make an aesthetic judgment (this qualifies as ‘art’ or not).  It shows the relationship of the artwork with the conventions of exhibiting. This connection will be under scrutiny once more when the exhibiting methods will fit the conventions (i.e. work will be framed and hung on the wall). 


Exhibited at:

2013.07.09-20 Group exhibition 'Sezonas '3' at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre (LT)

2013.05.03-05 Group exhibition 'Artist reveal yourself!' Birmingham (UK)


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