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'ROOFTOP' 2017-2018


Installation size 330x240x160; stone lithography; direct press  // Commissioned piece by KIASMA

Edition of 2 (one piece includes around 1700 prints 10x15cm);

The roof-shaped installation is composed of more than one thousand small lithographic prints. Residence permit card was the used motif for the prints, with each field filled with the word ‘home’ in Finnish, English or Lithuanian.

“Feeling like home...” to be able to feel like you are someone somewhere, as well as doing something. This phrase could be applied to both of this situations. It usually takes many paper works to start to be someone somewhere, however it does not necessary feels like the right roof. It may look as normal roof, but it is odd shape and you barely can use it, it requires some adjustments in order to use it. The same like lithography technique: strong and heavy, however is it only the illusion of the safeness in it? Is it a home and is my current living place a home? Roof like installation, metal frame secured on the wall, prints are placed like a traditional Finnish roof tiling ‘paanukato’.


Exhibition in KIASMA (LINK) KIASMA blog (LINK)

2018.02.09 -2019.03.24 Exhibition There and back again: Contemporary art from the Baltic region  KIASMA Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki (FI)

Video interview (LINK)


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