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'TEARS' 2024-23


Digital print (2x) 130x37 cm (Edition 1 + AP)

Bronze casted hands

Bronze casted hooks

Video work 'Epilogue' (10s loop)

The piece depicts “a love and care of familiar walls”, a phrase that according to the artist is often associated with a sense of soothing and attentiveness. The text printed on the hands echoes the tears imprinted on the face – a reminder that the love and care of familiar walls might not always be what is expected or hoped for.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

Special thanks to: Herttoniemen taidevalimo, Dialab Oy, Kestutis Dovydaitis (“Skulpturos Plastika”).


2024.06.07-30  Solo exhibition ‘Effort towards stillness’ Gallery Hippolyte (Studio), Helsinki, Finland (FI)

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